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PPI: 150 Preferred (Maximum: 300 - Minimum: 100) File Size: 100 MB or less. (For larger files, upload placeholder image and email file transfer link to File Types: Save as Tiff or Jpeg. (Tiff Preferred - use LZW compression when saving as Tiff if file is larger than 100 MB) Image Sizing: Size the image by width and height in inches. How large can I go? Assuming your image is set to 150 ppi, simply divide the number of pixels by 150. This will tell you how large you can print in inches. For example, a 3600x5400 pixel image, divided by 150, equals 24"x36". This is the max size we can print at full resolution. We can achieve perfect resolution with 150 ppi files. We have done comparative tests with 150, vs 300 vs 600 ppi files. There is absolutely no difference in final output, which we print at 2880x1440 dpi. Color Space: Use the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile. (Adobe Photoshop: go to Edit/Color Settings) Then when you save your tiff or jpeg check the box that asks